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Boring, Quiet and Meditative Moments

From a historical point of view, we can divide the world into ancient, medieval, modern and post-modern periods.

Silence in Ancient and Medieval Worlds

Some authors say that ancient and medieval periods were full of boring, silent and meditative moments. And that beginning with the modern era, our life has become more tumultuous and deprived of quiet occasions. There is an amount of truth in what they say, but I don’t think that all people from the ancient and medieval periods had so much time to idle and meditate. This kind of moments was reserved mostly for the rich people. The idea is that predominant occupation being agriculture, this work imply a close relationship with the nature, and so a more natural and mind relaxing activities.

Silence in Modern and Post-Modern Worlds

The modern world has brought in our life the industry and all its good and bad outcomes. The industrial world produced the machines that help us, but at the same time it increased the numbers of work hours, brought the monotony of working at a rolling band and ecological problems. (more…)

Awareness in Conversations

Daily we enter in more or less conversational situations, with acquaintances or unknown people, on street, at work or at parties. When we meet them, usually we greet each other then begin our conversation on a topic or subject that have attracted our attention, affected or interested us in the recent time.

During our daily conversations, occurs one of these two situations:

  • the other is interested in the topic or subject we begin to talk about;
  • the other isn’t interested in our subject;
  • (more…)

We can live without TV

It seems that we may live without watching TV. I read an interesting article about a couple who decided to live without TV. They made this decision over 10 years ago and maintained it until this day.

Over 10 years ago, my wife and I decided to out TV from our lives. We are not television snobs, far from teetotalers, and believe that many aspects of life can be enjoyed in moderation. But television had become something of a negative for us, and we wondered what our lives would be like if we tried giving it up for a short period and then see what happened. We did, choosing the period of Lent in 1995, and that short period continues to this day.

Living Without Television

We use TV for two main reasons: (more…)