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Our Daily “Psychological Background”

Our daily life begins, progress and end on a “psychological background”. Through “psychological background” I mean all our daily thoughts, beliefs and attitudes that don’t play the leading part of our day, but the second one. They are in the background, not in the spotlight, of our daily buzz, but this doesn’t mean they are less important. These thoughts, beliefs and attitudes are critical for our daily moods. As a puppeteer handle the strings of the puppets to animate and control them, in the same way our background thoughts handle our main ones.

The thoughts, attitudes and beliefs that form our daily “psychological background” aren’t voluntary ones. We don’t consciously intend to think one of them; they are, most of the time, involuntary, automated and unconscious processes of our mind. Even more, many of them are post-voluntary. This means they were, in our past, voluntary and conscious thoughts that we allowed to run in our mind.

We can talk about three kinds of “psychological background”: (more…)

Stressed people have a lower quality of life than dying people

There are studies which show that stressed managers have a lower quality of life even than terminally ill people. Comparing the quality of life of two groups, the group of stressed managers and the group of hospital patients, the researchers concluded that first group has a lower quality of life than second group.

Technology such as cell phones, answering machines, Blackberries and email give us more productivity and allow us to do more with our time. But at the same time they have allowed the urgency of demands, you must be ready at any time to answer or fulfill a demand. So, improvements in technology are both a blessing and a curse.

With such technology, there is an increasing sense that people are expected to be available 24/7. It is good to be available 24/7, if you want to consolidate your position at work, even more if you want a promotion. The question is if all this worth. What worth more, to have a job or to have a life. If we are available 24/7 for our job then we don’t have a life anymore. (more…)

Overstimulation of our senses leads to sleep problems

Having a little time, a couple of days ago, I went to a walk through my town. As usual, I spent a lot of this time in bookshops. First, I checked the stand of personal development and growth books to see what’s new. So I saw a book of Deepak Chopra about sleep.

In his book, he develops the following idea: the overstimulation of senses lead to insomnia. Even if the book covers a larger area of ideas and problems, this idea catches my attention.

I think that in our century the overstimulation (through our media devices, cars, gadgets, etc.) of our hearing has become a problem. Have you ever had a pain of ears because of earplugs? However, it isn’t the big problem. There is one sense that I think we overstimulate – the sight sense.

The sight overstimulation, like hearing sense, has as the background our civilization and culture. Our sight is overstimulate through our technology products, such as screen-based media devices. In our century, the IMAGE has become the king and our SIGHT is the slave of it. This process of slavery has begun with Television and now continues with Computers and Internet. They are not bad in themselves, because they are sources of information and democracy, but our overuse or wrong use make us their slaves. (more…)