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What Makes You Optimistic?!

Even if there are debates if optimism is a shallow and naive outlook on life or not, there are many proofs that optimistic approach of life has many positive effects. It has many positive effects in contrast with the pessimistic approach, which has many negative effects. Also it has more positive results in comparison with another highly appreciated approach – the realistic outlook on life. And this fact makes optimistic thinking the best option we can make, in all areas of our life.

The question is: What makes you optimistic?! If we agree that this is the way to go, the next step is to understand what makes you think optimistically, what is strongly associated with being optimistic?

Health Level (more…)

Mental Visualization and Your Relationship

Our imagination is a powerful psychological tool. This tool may work for our bad, if we aren’t conscious about its power and its activity. We can use this tool for our good, if we understand its power and discipline this power.

If you ask people what they wish, they’ll focus mostly on what they doesn’t have rather than what they have yet (they doesn’t wish anymore what they have yet). In the same way, many people tend to ignore what is good in their life and notice only what go bad.

Most of the couples don’t feel as happy as at the beginning of their relationship, because of this kind of thinking.

Many people use their imagination selectively. They use it to visualize only those events that make them feel bad. Instead of waiting until they discover proofs that their partner has an affair, some even begin to imagine their lover having an affair. This is a very effective way to become jealous and make your and your partner life a nightmare. (more…)

Is Optimism a Naive and Shallow Outlook?

There are two situations when the optimism may be seen as a naive outlook.

First, when the optimism is defined as a doctrine. The doctrine of Leibniz, which say that we live in the best of all possible worlds.

Now, if you look at reality in a realistically way, you’ll see that the saying of Leibniz isn’t the truth in itself. That there are so many problems in this world that may prevent you to say that the existing world is the best of all possible worlds.

Even more, if you watch TV news or read newspapers, you’ll be more inclined to say not only that this world isn’t the best, but it seems the worst of all possible worlds.

Therefore, we can say that our viewpoint may be subjective, contextual and influenced by many factors. When the optimism is defined as the doctrine that the existing world is the best of all possible worlds, we may say that the optimism is a naive and shallow outlook that don’t reflect the reality as it is. (more…)