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How to Choose a Passionate Career

Even if we accept it or not, our career and work define our life, our identity. But usually we don’t choose our career being aware of our deeper passions. We choose it either being influenced by our social and economical context (people around us and community’s economical and industrial development) or being motivated by money.

But let’s put away what others say and listen quietly to our own voice. Many will suggest us to follow money, but doing so may imply to live our passions behind. And let’s be aware not always “money is the shortest route to freedom”.

The funny thing is that most people have good instincts about where they belong but make poor choices and waste productive years on the wrong work. … Put your calling in a lockbox, go out and make a ton of money, and then come back to the lockbox to pick up your calling where you left it. … majority of us aren’t just putting our dreams on ice — we’re killing them … The ruling assumption is that money is the shortest route to freedom. Absurdly, that strategy is cast as the “practical approach.” But in truth, the opposite is true. The shortest route to the good life involves building the confidence that you can live happily within your means (whatever the means provided by the choices that are truly acceptable to you turn out to be). It’s scary to imagine living on less. But embracing your dreams is surprisingly liberating. Instilled with a sense of purpose, your spending habits naturally reorganize, because you discover that you need less. … I met many people who had left the money behind.

The Quick Fix and The Long-term Fix

In the field of psychotherapy, the therapies may be classified in two categories, if you take into account the criterion of time: short-term therapies and long-term therapies. The first ones range from one to about ten sessions, while the last ones tend to be longer.

If we take into account efficiency, there is enough evidence that both are effective, even if the critics question how long a quick fix could last. But because of our sense of urgency, we tend to choose the quick fix, and this is a good reason as long as it work.

The brief psychotherapies, such as Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming don’t focus on the past aspects of our life or on the causal explanations of our problems, but on solutions. A brief therapy can make all the difference, if you are motivated and take the commitment to do all needed tasks. And this is what makes them short and effective.

Sometimes though it’s not enough to take into account only the symptoms without understanding what caused them. According to your own situation, you can choose one of them: (more…)

7 Habits of Unhealthy People

Unhealthy People = Unhealthy Lifestyles (practices & habits).

People are often their own worst enemy. So many of the ailments and afflictions that plague us are our own fault. We eat too much of the wrong kinds of foods, we smoke, we drink and we bake in the sun and poison ourselves with illegal drugs or toxic agents like nail polish remover or scented candles. Is it any wonder that our bodies get sick?
What all these behavioral choices have in common is that we choose to do them. No one makes us smoke or abuse OxyContin. We do it ourselves. And because these actions are purely voluntary, they are also preventable … they were nearly all linked to lifestyle and behavioral choices … the majority of deaths stem from doing stupid things to ourselves.

The Worst Things You Can Do To Your Body

Here are the seven habits or the worst lifestyle and behavioral choices you can make: (more…)