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Happiness – 50% genetics, 10% circumstances, 40% intentional activity

According to some studies our happiness level depend 50% on our genetics, 10% on circumstances and 40% on our intentional activities.

Each of us is born with a pre-disposition to a certain level of happiness. This may be called the genetic set point, the level or point at which the happy state tends to stabilize, indifferent of what happen to us or we do. This pre-disposition is determined by characteristics inherited from our parents, especially temperamental and affective traits.

Life circumstances that influence our happiness level are: personal experiences, occupation, health, income, religious beliefs, marital status, age, gender, geographic factors.

Intentional activities which are responsible for 40% of our happiness level mean those cognitive, behavioral and volitional activities which we choose to do. They require effort. (more…)

Happiness – factors that make a difference


Money builds the basis for your happiness but don’t buy you happiness. If your basic needs are met, money seems not to make a big difference anymore. But they make a big difference to feed your fundamental needs.


We all think that one more thing to buy or achieve and will be happy. But this is a trick of sellers and advertisers. If you think this is what I need for a “good life”, you must be aware that the list of possessions for a good life will never reach the end. The “aspiration gap” may never close. If you don’t enjoy what you have you’ll not enjoy this new thing more than a very short time.


Smart people seem not to be happier, mostly because their expectations are higher and this requires a lot of effort. It seems that not IQ but emotional and social intelligence make a difference. (more…)

3 Things I Would Change as a Weblog Starter

1. Don’t try to write the perfect post

In a large measure, I have just a few posts/articles on my site because I try to make my posts perfect. It’s a good thing to try hard to write quality articles but there is a limit after which you can’t be productive at all.

In each of us live a little or big perfectionist. It depends only on you to manage his pretensions and critics. I think isn’t a good choice to kill your little perfectionist for ever (it may be impossible) because he is a mark of our need for perfection and a good supervisor if you know how to use him. Your little perfectionist just needs a little relaxation and balance.

2. Better English

Another reason why my weblog have just a few posts is the fact that I’m not English. In school I learned French and Russian. I learned English by myself and have no problem at reading English books but it’s really challenging to write in other language than your mother-tongue. I’m confident that I’ll improve my English, especially my grammar. (more…)