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Complementarity of Focus and Awareness

Focus and Awareness are two essential inner processes that determine our productivity and our level of enjoying what happens around us. It depends only on us how we manage each of them and especially how we balance them. There are two kinds of attention: convergent attention and divergent or distributive attention.

Focus is Convergent Attention

Focus means that a person selectively concentrates on one thing from the environment, ignoring or exclusion others. It is the concentration of attention and energy on something we have to do. (more…)

Genuine Desires – how to use them to Succeed

The real cause we don’t achieve what we want isn’t that we aren’t capable. We are fully capable; all we need to achieve our dreams is within us. The true cause why we don’t live what we want is the fact that we don’t know for sure what we want. We don’t know what we truly want.

With other words we don’t have clear and well defined goals. But our goals aren’t anything else than the cognitive side of our desires or our should(s). What is a goal if not the projection of a fulfilled desire or duty?

So the big problem, at a deeper level, isn’t with our goals but with our desires. We don’t have clear and well defined desires. And in general we lack the genuine desires. We have so many desires but this is only quantity. We lack the quality when it comes to list all our desires.

This lack of quality and genuine desires happen because of two reasons: (more…)

30 Minutes to Set Your Daily Mood

I have enjoyed exercising from my early adolescence. I was about 15 years old when I built my first home-made bar-bell. My favorite sports were and still are: soccer, bodybuilding, jogging, cycling, and Greek-Roman Wrestling. When I say they are my favorites, I mean I like plasticizing them not only watching on TV. I practiced them all, now I don’t have so much free time but still do jogging, cycling and bodybuilding.

The biggest problem when it comes to exercise is consistency. There are times when we are very motivated and eager to exercise, enjoying it. But there come periods when we find all kinds of reasons or excuses not to exercise. These aren’t objective reasons but our rationalizations (excuses) to avoid exercising. Sometimes we even don’t remember we have a commitment to exercise daily.

From my experience with this kind of things I learned to make a distinction between two kinds of days. The criterion is “how I feel” in those days. (more…)