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Awaken Your Warrior Spirit

Many times we quit or don’t face at all many “hard” situations simply because our warrior spirit isn’t live any more. In our contemporary society we humans (especially men) are in danger to loose our warrior spirit. A cause of this situation is that in our contemporary society the comfort is the most valued dimension of our lives. This happens in detriment of such dimensions as honor and effort.

To be clearer what I mean here by “warrior spirit” let’s take this distinction: aggressive – assertive – passive. The warrior spirit isn’t a very aggressive spirit but rather an assertive one. Our domestic life tends to mould us into docile and conformist individuals. In this way we are in danger to loose our instinct and ability to fight with and in adverse situations.

I rediscovered my warrior spirit at its full potential these days when a few dogs attacked me on the street. I observed that after this incident my attitudes towards others were more assertive than usual. Then I realized that our warrior spirit lives at different levels within us and that we can influence it a lot through our choices, thoughts and practices. (more…)

Resistance to Change

In general, this collocation is related to the attitude of people to prefer a well-known situation, a similar behavior, a common idea, a job where they worked before and which suppose well-known activities.

In a few words, we are feeling comfortable in common situations rather than in those that are new for us, even if we are in search for new. Why … because the new imply change and the change involves a new process of adjustment and effort. Generally, at the base of this resistance stand the “obedient behavior” and the faithfulness to our comfortable believes, convictions and mentality.

Why are we having this reaction to the change? All that is new around us, makes us less confident and more skeptics regarding what could involve un unknown situation, it might presume taking all kind of “risks” and responsibilities. An answer for this question is the primary need of human being to be and to feel safe and also our wish for a “convenient life”. What we know well to do at work, in domestic and social life, in relationships always gives us a reassuring feeling.

Knowing that the permanent resistance to the change becomes an obstacle in our personality development, how can we overtake it? On one hand, a solution is to take care of our self-esteem and self-confidence. On the other hand, to stimulate our need to prosper, to excel in everything we do and to build what is the best for us and others. To do all this we have to be opened to any change as “hard” as could seem. (more…)

Are Tough Conditions Bad or Good for Us?

At the first sight the collocation “tough conditions” make us think to bad, pain and suffering. Usually we think the tough situations and events as something bad for us. But let’s take a close look and decide if they are bad.

Let’s take the situation when we want to achieve a goal but encounter a lot of obstacles on the way to the finish. Are obstacles bad things? Yes they are if they prevent you from achieving your goal. But once you solved them they become a good experiment for you. They enriched your experience and the next time you encounter them you’ll know how to tackle them. Also your will and character won something good.

There are two dimensions of our life which are influenced differently by though conditions: personal comfort and personal development. For our personal comfort the though situations are bad, because they pull you out of your comfort zone. For our personal development the though events and conditions are good ones. They are favorable conditions because they help us grow. The growth process isn’t possible without challenges and obstacles.

To live a meaningful and interesting life doesn’t mean not to encounter obstacles but to pass them successfully.