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Getting Organized – 3 Things to Consider

Stop Being Messy

The first thing to consider if you want to be organized is to get and keep your living and work space in order. There are at least three reasons for a clean and clear space: a) if things are in order they don’t distract your attention; b) you know where things are and don’t spend too much time when it comes to find them; c) external order determine your inner order.

Even so, be aware not to fall in the other extreme: obsessive-compulsive behavior of ordering things in such a way that you never end to finish it. The tendency to be perfect makes you loose a lot of time and energy.

Stop Being Late (more…)

Codependency Prevent Authentic Existence

Co-addiction or codependency is a concept that denotes the fact that some individuals become addicted to people, as well as to processes or substances. Talking about the addiction to people (not between partners), it is as frequent and important as the other kinds of addiction, but at the same time it is not considered as dangerous even if it is.

It is in human nature to live among people, to inter-communicate and exchange information, feelings, and ideas. The problem appears when this social need is exaggerated and we are developing a dependent behavior. So we found ourselves in the impossibility of doing anything without the presence of the person we are permanently looking for, we can’t live our life without including him/she in it.

This kind of behavior can turn out to be uncomfortable and overwhelming for the person we are dependent on and maybe it will be important to reflect on the cause of co-addiction. Generally most of the people are afraid of loneliness or spending their lives without friends and so they are ending up in the other extreme – too attached and dependent on someone else. (more…)

Prepare your Environment then Focus on High Priority Tasks

Once you become conscious that you aren’t productive in the field you consider your priority, what you have to do is to ask yourself: can I do something to change or improve this situation? You must be aware that there are obstacles that aren’t in your power but mostly your productivity depends on you. After you realized that, the next is to ask yourself: what can I do to improve my effectiveness? If you do a search on you’ll find a lot of ideas about how to improve your productivity.

Here you have two essential steps you must consider if you want to be effective and efficient:

Prepare your Environment/Workspace (more…)