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Women vs. Men’s Communication

Men and women are different, just different in many ways especially communication. Most of the major problems between them appear because of communication and so it’s necessary to learn more about their style to communicate.

The difference begins from the brain’s structure. A woman has two centers for the speech, in front of the left hemisphere and also in the right one, while men have only some zones in the same left hemisphere. That’s why girls are speaking earlier than boys. So the consequence is the fact that women are having excellent discussion skills and are better speakers than men.

Further on we have to understand why women feel the need to talk more than men. First of all, men are gathering information and problems over the day, trying in the end to find a solution. Women instead bring theirs problems over and over in the conversation like a verbal discharging. Second, men limit themselves to the interior speaking while women make use of plenty of words. And third, men’s speech is centered on short and structured phrases which contain one idea. Women have a complex communication capacity and so they can talk about many subjects and listen in the same time.

According to these explanations, both are adopting different communication’s strategies. Men talk directly and women speak with diversion, but in women case it’s not very successful because men can’t follow more than one subject in a conversation. For women verbal communication is well thought as a reward conferred to the man and silence as a punishment. (more…)

Self-Suggestion and Success

The power of mind was always considered a subject of present interest by researchers because each conclusion revealed new perspectives on our mental capacities. Every time we are surprised by our positive thought’s influence on our body and actions knowing that it is used only 30% of brain capacity. I wonder what we could be able to do with our mind functioning at his full capacity.

Especially in the psychology area, the well-known concept “positive thinking” is completed by the effect of self-suggestion. This correlation is based on the idea that repeated positive thoughts as “I can do this/ I know I can/ It will be ok/ I’m capable of…” sustain our motivation and involvement and help us to succeed and overpass different kind of situations: impossible problems to solve (at first sight), low self-esteem, bad mood, etc.

The effect of self-suggestion is explained by the fact that spoken thoughts have more influence than latent ones. It is as we would command to our mind to do exactly something. We give our mind a subtle “deadline” to find the necessary energy and way in a certain situation. (more…)

Truth and Relationships

Truth is a value promoted from the Antiquity, next to Beauty and Good, but in time it is less and less appreciated and told. People have different visions and reactions concerning speaking the truth, specially the unpleasant one. In other words, our personality and character have a main influence in taking the decision to reveal the truth.

We have to keep the truth among our life’s top values and share it with any communication partner because – firstly, by not telling it, we could create misunderstanding and secondly, after one lie easily comes another one. The problem is how to tell a delicate truth in any circumstance, to any person and how to avoid the first impulse of hiding it. The answer is with a right and responsible attitude.

Generally, the pleasant truth is said directly, but when it comes to the unpleasant one, we take one step back from many reasons: the lack of courage, low self-esteem, concern for others feeling, fear for the consequences such as rejection, fear to assume the responsibility for our thoughts and actions and also the interest for the benefit that certain relationship provide us. (more…)