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How to Start & Grow Your Own Business – 10 Steps

In the last three months I read a lot of books and articles about how to start and grow a successful small business. Usually, before I read in detail on a domain or theme I gather a big bunch of materials and skim them in order to get a panoramic view of the domain. After this I read deeper into the gathered materials and outline a new perspective on the theme. From now on I read in detail, in other words, fill the gaps like a puzzle.

Here I show you my vision on how to build your own successful business step by step:

1. Identify an Opportunity (more…)

Discrimination Today

Humankind’s progress involves significant advantages especially in science area but also imminent disadvantages as a bigger and bigger lack on people’s personal growth and emotional intelligence. We seem to abandon ourselves in life’s discoveries and to forget the impact of our discriminative behavior on others.

Discrimination today is more frequent and brutally shown without at least the minimum consideration. We can’t behave the same way with all but our attitudes should be appropriate. This idea also suggests that discriminated persons have to stop accepting it and demanding to be well treated. The main reasons for discrimination are the human deteriorating process, the individualistic behavior, the exaggerated social comparison and disloyal competition all encouraged by our society.

Next to well-known forms of discrimination as racial, religious, cultural appear some new ones in the relationships and interactions area. So discrimination is made known not only in the relation with people having disabilities of any kind (physical, psychical or behavior disability) but also with “normal” people. Discrimination creates a huge “hole” filled with negatives feelings and inhuman behaviors between people. (more…)

To Win Isn’t Everything

Recently, I watched an interesting and educative TV production: The Apprentice with Donald Trump (second series, 2004). I liked it very much not only for the show but mostly for the educative ideas I learned. For me this show was full of two kinds of educational ideas about:

  • how to run a business successfully;
  • how to live/survive;

I liked and agreed with almost all first kind of ideas. I’m in the learning stage of becoming an entrepreneur so I had a lot to learn from this show. There were plenty of ideas on how to start up and manage a successful business. (more…)