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Alone In Our Professional Race

It is known that each individual has many needs and from the very first day of living he is “fighting” to accomplish them. On this idea, the American psychologist H. Maslow established five categories of needs (the pyramid of needs): the biological needs, the safety needs, the affiliation needs, the self-esteem and status needs and at the top the need to self-fulfillment.

This last need of self-fulfillment is reached only by those which already had satisfied the anterior needs in order. If the biological or safety needs aren’t achieved the person can’t go on dealing with self-esteem or self-fulfillment. When a person has no food to survive or he don’t feel safe, he will try to satisfy these ones first and only then next ones will get his attention.

Today more and more persons have as main target the need of professional and financial fulfillment, this is a sign of personal growth but at the same time a disadvantage considering the extreme means used in the process. So the modern society encourages methods as disloyal competition and a rough individualism in the attempt to reach a higher professional level. (more…)

How Decision-Making Awareness Improve Your Life

Each moment you make a decision. Human and animal life is built on the principle of decision-making. We can’t live at all without running this process of decision-making. Usually we aren’t aware about this vital process which runs in the background of our life. But we can become aware of this if we want, because this awareness may have a tremendous effect on our life.

Decision you make in this very moment will affect your day, week, month, year and even your entire life. And this is a sufficient reason to become aware of your inner decision-making process. Firstly, let’s take into account the degree of consciousness associate with the decision-making process.

Unconscious – Conscious – Postconscious Decisions (more…)

4 Reasons to Do (Work) Only What You Love

1. There are more chances to succeed in what you do because your passion gives you a huge motivation. If you don’t love your work, the only motivation for it is money. Money, as an extrinsic motivation, is necessary but not sufficient to make you “burn inside” and feel the flow.

2. Work that you love gives you huge satisfactions. Only passion, which is an intrinsic motivation, can bring you authentic joy and fulfillment. In the case of doing what you don’t love, money gives you a certain satisfaction but process of doing certainly don’t. So work in itself may be neutral to you, bother you or you may even hate it. Dissatisfaction of doing often overcomes the satisfaction of result (money).

3. If you like what you do, you’ll do it very well. Doing something very well means that you produce value, and value brings you clients. (more…)