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Steps to Solve a Conflict

  • Identify the type of the conflict – this first step is very important because each type of conflict (interpersonal conflicts, intergroup conflicts, interest conflicts, value conflicts, relationship conflicts, emotional conflicts) needs a certain strategy.
  • Be aware of the aggressive responses and their consequences, also of the alternatives – aggressiveness generates just aggressiveness, only finding out alternative ways to react to the violence you can stop the boomerang effects of the violence.
  • Face up the conflict rather than avoid it – you have to be aware of the negative consequences such as irritability, tension and the persistence of the problems, if you avoid the conflict.
  • Respect yourself and your interests, but also the other and his interests – everyone must have a positive self-image and the proper respect so the insights on the conflict to be realistic. The approach based on respect always eliminates inappropriate tactics.
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Simplicity – 3 Causes of this New Movement

There is a greater and greater demand for simplicity and slow-down in our busy and hectic world. Our world has become so complicated and stressful that it turned to be unnatural.

The paradox is that we humans transformed and developed our world motivated by the idea that it would serve us better. But it seems that these transformations have secondary effects, which turn against us. So, after we saw that too much artificial work make our lives heavier not easier, we try now to appeal to natural and simplicity.

But what is simplicity or living simple anyway? In my own words, simple living presuppose a focus on “being” and less and less on “having” and “doing”, if we take into account these three states: being, doing and having. But if you want a better understanding on what means simply living, take a look here.

The main causes that turned us towards simplicity and natural are: (more…)

5 Strategies to Tackle Interpersonal Conflicts

Anywhere there are people, there are also conflicts. The presence of conflicts in our life is inevitable because persons are not the same. There’s not even one person identical with another one. Things as primary needs, different values, perceptions or interests, limited resources and psychological needs makes us to react differently in social relationships.

As long as conflict remains unconscious it can’t be resolved. When people start being aware of each signal of it, conflict eventually will became obvious. So how do we recognize the imminence of a clash?

There are a few elements which mark the stages of a conflict’s evolution. The first sign is the discomfort revealed by the intuition that something is not right but we don’t know exactly what. The next one is the incident consisting in little disturbing facts over the day. Then comes the misunderstanding caused by inappropriate conclusions, the tension and finally the crisis which represent the obvious manifestation of the conflict. (more…)