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Crisis Communication Strategies – Part Two

In an interpersonal crisis the process to assign the responsibility is more or less controlled. The partner could be invested with more responsibility than he has which favorites a negative image on him. The idea suggests the necessity to identify and assign the responsibility in a reasonable manner.

W.T. Coombs model is founded on the concept of response to the crisis, having as main goal changing other one’s way of perceiving the crisis situation and the person’s involved position. The key to solve an interpersonal crisis is an optimal communication.

Some of the actions and messages addressed to the communication partner, after the crisis have launched, can be found in the first model presented, here I present the ones specific to Coombs’s vision: (more…)

Crisis Communication Strategies – Part One

This past month I have read a lot about communication, especially the crisis communication. Even the information regards an organization in crisis I think it could be also helpful in interpersonal crisis. Therefore it seems interesting and useful to present the two most known crisis communication strategies adapted to an interpersonal problem. Here I present the first one.

So we have W.L. Benoit’s model which it’s based on the concept of image restoration, meaning that the person involved in a crisis situation needs to regain his reputation using strategies as:

Denial – the person denies any personal involvement and rejects any accusation made to his address considering that those events don’t exist. (more…)