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Expectations Importance in Personality Development

Smaller or bigger, simple or complex, many or few… we all have expectations in our life. Defined as the supposition on the result of a certain behavior, the expectation has a special importance because it makes us to keep a certain level of our actions and attitudes. We apply this standard not only with ourselves but also with every interaction partner.

Two concepts are being very important to the expectation significance. The first one is the self-efficacy which connotes the realistic belief about the success of a personal action. The thought that we can do something at a high level is acting on us as a self-regulatory mechanism of our personal performance.

High efficacy is correlated with the success expectation and the perseverance to pass over all obstacles and frustrations. As for the low efficacy, it is related to the failure expectation and the inefficacy feeling. Regarding the success expectation this one needs to be real and adapted to every person’s capacities. (more…)

Three Attitudes Against Originality

In a social group or work team we can identify at least one person which has a negative attitude regarding others original ideas. It seems that more and more we don’t know how or don’t want to appreciate the originality when it’s not coming from us. Not forget the fact that for every one is uncomfortable to fully accept the success of others and to be open about it.

Such a person that “disrespects” his colleague or friend inventive ideas is using three different attitudes, known as:

1. Walker complex (more…)

Living a Slowly Life – Slow Down and Do Less, Slowly

We live today in the most hectic and feverish world. For the most of us each day seems to be a race; a daily race or “rat race”, an exhausting daily routine that leaves you no time for rest and relaxation. What is alarming is that the speed of this race increase from day to day, we become a sort of “speedaholics”. And as if this wouldn’t be enough we borrowed from the PC world the concept of multitasking (running two or more tasks at the same time) and try to implement it in our daily life. We want to do more because, in this era of consumerism, almost all of us are conditioned to want/have more. Rarely we take into account to be more, to think and feel better rather than do and have.

Slow down when all around you are speeding up! But why slow down when I have so many things to do? So many possible unborn projects and so many unfinished things! Why slow down when all around us hurry up for the big prize: the result. Answer: because not the result is the key but the process. It matter less what I get at the finish and more how I feel on the way there. Being always in a hurry doesn’t make any good to our body as well as to our mind. Our body needs to find its own pace to work at easy and our mind need time to taste all wonderful things around us.

Keep a state of calm, whatever the cost may be! Many of us have learned to live in a state of agitation and anxiety. They think this state help them to keep the pace with the rapid change of modern times. But this is a trap; it will lead you finally to exhaustion. In hurry times we need a calm mind to manage agitation around us. Nietzsche wonderfully described this kind of people: “they live as if they are missing something”. (more…)