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Your Mind: Full of Certainties vs. Full of Doubts

Imagine a scale of mind states with two extremes. At one extremity there is a state of mind full of certainties, at the other one a state full of doubts. And between these two extremities there are another three states of mind: the first one in which predominant are certainties but doubts are present too, the second one in which predominant are doubts but certainties are present too and finally the third in which certainties and doubts are in a relative equilibrium.

The two extremities exist only in theory, in real world is very hard if not impossible to find an individual whose mind is full only of certainties and no doubt at all or vice versa. Even an individual with a mind at an absolute equilibrium, between certainties and doubts, is hard to find. The majority of us fall in one of the other two categories: the first one in which predominant are certainties and the second one in which predominant are doubts.

The question is which one is the most beneficial to our lives? Which one is the path to follow? Before we can give an answer to these questions let’s see what each category is all about. (more…)

Consciousness-Raising Events

At a given time our consciousness has a certain range of understanding and comprehending the world around us. Usually our consciousness boundaries are given by the criterion of familiarity. If we are familiar with something then we haven’t many problems in deeply understanding it. But once one thing is beyond our familiarity, it challenges our consciousness to go to another level in order to understand it.

Our consciousness range broadens and rises to a higher level by means of certain events. We all can remember such events that made a difference in our consciousness. They produce a click in our mind and trigger a new perspective in a certain area. They bring us that eureka, a suddenly (in fact it is cumulative and progressive) illumination.

This kind of things and events can be big and rare and usually they trigger a radical and big new understanding. Also, they can be small and many; in this case each of them makes a small difference in our understanding, but through their cumulative and progressive effect they take you to a radical and big new perspective. (more…)

Television and Computer’s Influence on Mind

All recent research sustain that television and computer are having a negative influence on our mind’s developing and functioning. The time we spend in front of the TV or the computer affect us deeply. We do not analyze anymore the received information which means that we assimilate it as it is.

Children or adults … the new technology has an effect on us all. The most exposed to this influence are still the children because they don’t have the ability to resist to the hypnotic pressure TV and PC exert on them.

Among the negatives effects of these two technologies are the next ones:

  • generate a passive mental attitude and behavior – it seems that we become less vigilant, less persevering, less involved in finding the solution to a problem and with a low level of will. We end up being bored, extremely dependent, without inventiveness or interest.
  • (more…)