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A Creative View on Life

I just saw movie with Johnny Depp – Don Juan DeMarco – in which the protagonist, a young man who have had a hard life, developed a psychiatric illness, an delirium – he imagine himself being Don Juan. He builds a detailed life-story around this idea. The psychiatrist who is treating him, a very realistic and bored old man, is hooked and intrigued by his patient way of looking at life. The psychiatrist understands that the delirium of his patient is his solution to coping with a tough life. But at the same time he realizes that the idea behind this delirium (a creative/imaginative view on life) may be the panacea for a monotone and empty life. Applying the myth of Don Juan in his own life, the psychiatrist is able to find solutions for his own problems. In this way he revives his relationship and put his monotone and boring life on a new, loving and hopeful track.

Behind this scene there are a few great practical ideas. First of all, the idea that the truth and seeking of truth isn’t the only solution for a meaningless life. An optimistic, hopeful, joyful and artistic story about life may help us get through tough times. Even if our story or view on life isn’t so close to truth or reality, it is valuable as long as it help us get happily through life. What matters truth of an idea as long as it worked! And let’s be fair, truth and reality is many times so subjective and inaccessible (especially in social area) that is hard to establish it once and for all.

The second idea is that we have the power (through imagination and creativity) to create and recreate our own life. Our view on life is selective. By default we are programmed to see the negative aspects of life and say it is truth. But we are able to change the preferences and focus on the beautiful things. Focusing on beautifulness we create/bring beautifulness in our life. (more…)

Internal and External Thieves of Time

Every day is a new step for humanity in conquering the world … but what’s left for men to conquer?! … maybe just Time …”Time as a final frontier”. Time was suggestively defined by Saint Augustine: “if no one is asking me, I know what time is, but if I have to explain it to someone, I can’t do it”… and he is so right … don’t you agree?!

So … why do we have to defeat time?! This urgent need appears out of a daily stress which makes us less efficient, less relaxed and in control and more trapped in the vicious circle of Time … we constantly feel that we are running out of Time.

The modern people’s syndrome is definitely the lack of time. The running for money is overtaken by the running for time. From the very daybreak until the sun goes down the most heard phrases are “I need more time … I don’t have enough time”. Time seems to subdue us and to take over our own actions. (more…)