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3 Ways to Finding Happiness

All human beings want to be happy. Even in the moments of doubt, when we think that happiness can’t be reached, we don’t quit its pursuit. We all agree that happiness is something we crave for, but we disagree when we try to establish the path(s) to it.

It’s easier for us to say what makes someone unhappy (illness, the death of significant others, the lost of our fortune, the lack of meaning(s) in life, etc.). However, what makes someone happy: a harmonious family, love, fortune, health? If somebody enjoys all these things, can we say for sure that that person is happy?

There are many different ways to finding happiness, here I write about three main human approaches:

1. Achieving happiness through Possessions (more…)

Use of Media Technology and Self-Discipline

The biggest achievement

In our daily interactions (sometimes fights) with the nature, we developed many and complex tools, in order to survive and grow. These tools brought some main things/improvements in our life: comfort, efficiency and productivity. Due to technology we have comfortable homes, comfortable cars and more and more gadgets that make our life a pleasant journey on the earth. Due to technology we became the most efficient and productive living beings on the earth.

The biggest challenge

Technology gives us many useful tools, but they aren’t good or bad in it selves, we may use them for good purposes or for bad ones. They are just useful for one or another kind of purposes. Technology is a tool and we decide how to use it. Sometimes we use it properly, but sometimes we use it at our loss. (more…)

4 Steps to Get Out of a “Life Sucks Momentum”

Ups and downs or alternating periods of good and bad fortune is the very nature of life, but it isn’t natural to be stuck on a downward path. When you find yourself on such a path or think your life is a mess, be aware you aren’t a victim of the fate or fatal circumstances. You are either the saboteur or the artisan of your life.

First thing you have to do to get out of such a hopeless situation is to evaluate your situation comparing it either with a past happy period of your life or a future wanted one. Then notice the differences between these two or three situations.

The second step is to find out the causes that led to this downward momentum. What do you think you thought and did on the path to the present situation? Many authors recommend not focusing on causes, because this explanatory approach prevents you from finding solutions. But I think it can be constructive (if you do this with moderation) because you can identify what you thought and did wrong and then think and do exactly the opposites. (more…)