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Family Values and Prejudices

Since the world exists parents are raising their children according to certain family values transmitted from their own parents…the well-known process from generation to generation. These values are having a legacy status and because they are very resistant to change the present values are always compared to them.

Parents raise a child following an ”old pattern” being extremely difficult for them to preview and to accept the future’s values because of the major influence of the family values. By not being open they aren’t doing any favor to their child. The child will not be prepared to face and to adjust to the future.

It’s good to teach your children the family values especially today when values are less and less appreciated. Still the wonder persists…where does some of these values stop and become prejudices…?! The line between them is very subtle and it’s easy to go beyond it. So it’s necessary to draw a clear line so you as a parent or you as a child not to keep on living in a vicious circle. (more…)

How to Share Your Success with Others

Me…you…him…I’m positive that every one of us is looking to have a successful life (personal or professionally speaking)…”something” which makes life worth living for and which gives us the feeling that life doesn’t pass by us in vain.

Day by day you put energy, knowledge, soul and perseverance in any action which can bring you closer to your goals. You have the strength not to fall into immediate goal’s benefits but to follow your special goals. It’s clear that you definitely know what you want from life in those cases.

A fine observer would remark above too many “you”… That’s a reality that every one is concentrating on him especially in our days. But…once you have accomplished your purpose you mustn’t forget that any success is meaningful only if you share it with people around you. Like this you allow to your close and known ones to live special moments next to you…!?

Have you ever asked yourself if sharing has “side effects” on you?! … such as negative energies and thoughts toward you; inevitable and unconscious envy; potential cold and superficial relationships or the natural human trait that, as close as you are to someone successful, you can’t control an unconscious and instinctive “incapacity” of fully enjoying his success… (more…)