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The Power of Word – Part One

Everyone is using words to express his thoughts and feelings and to interact. Soft or hard…meaningful or meaningless… words came out easily. People don’t have anymore the patience and disposition to pay attention to them and theirs effects on us. I even dare to say that today isn’t anymore any respect and interest for the word … words become an “invisible reality”… we use words as we breathe … automatically.

Very few of us seem to hold “the trick” on the powerful effect of words on ourselves or on others. Did you ever wonder how we pass over difficult situations or long-term activities from life? Why today we seem to have no energy and think pessimistically and tomorrow we found the necessary force to go on?

Our interior strengthens emerge from the fact that we “built” a support strategy using words having positive effects such as “I am strong”…“I can go on” …”I am capable”. This kind of structure is acting as an order on our unconscious mind. The result … without even knowing a new and needed energy and positive attitude invade us. (more…)

Reactions in Crisis Situations

We can suppose what others can experience in crisis situations. Generally, we are “impressed” by the cognitive and affective reactions of those caught in such a limit situation…but we can’t understand them emphatically because we can’t fully feel their feelings and we can’t live what they are living. Not really knowing the plentiful experiences which overwhelm other in those moments we even become indifferent at a certain time.

So allow me to share with you a similar experience that I recently lived. The feeling of being trapped or the helplessness of not having the control on an event makes people react in different ways:

Panic – a reaction based on an instinctive fear which appears immediately and dominates us in the first moments of a crisis. Then when people calm down and start thinking on possible ways out, the panic diminishes until it disappear. That’s why it’s very important to know these details so you don’t give in to panic’s destructive influence. (more…)