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Mysterious Change of Mind

Mind still has unknown ways of reaction to the society’s external influences. A distinctive one is changing one’s mind defined as a releasing mechanism in our mental representations. Our minds are subdued to this phenomenon either because we are wishing for a change or because something happens in our life which is based on a change. The changes of one’s mind can be the result of a sudden decision or a gradual one, most of them developing in the subconscious area.

For every one of us becoming conscious of its “presence” this common process of our mental life generates a series of questions. First of all is what elements determine the change of one’s mind. Well, the answer is based on the so called “7 R” and on certain equilibrium resulted from the simultaneous action of the first 6 R and the “weakness” of the last one, the resistance.

  • Reason – a rational individual will always try to identify all the relevant aspects of an event and to separate them into pros and cons;
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