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Models – Between Guidance and Addiction

Each passing day proves a reality which is that human’s life is deeply influenced by all kind of models. Either it’s the case of living models or the ones “imprinted” upon the social memory of humankind, the sphere of theirs activity (science, art, music, politics) or the status of public persons or unknown ones (persons that only we recognize), there isn’t one who doesn’t have somebody as a model. Some of us have not only one, but various models, a one for every area which makes a point of interest for us.

Probably every one of us remembers about our first “confessions” regarded our model, obviously from parent’s stories. The most frequent question of our childhood or youth “what do you want to become when you’ll grow up” got answers as “I want to be a singer like… /a painter like…/or just like my mother”.

Child or adult, we both looking up to a model and we identify ourselves with him mostly because the process of our own development needs certain milestones. We all must have some guidance in our life to ease our social integration and to perform in career and family. (more…)