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How To Control the Organizational Stress

People are more and more overwhelmed by stressful situations and the most frequent response to the present reality is “I’m stressed”. The stress is contagious especially in a larger group as an organization and so a stressed person “spreads” it to his colleagues, his manager or his subordinates. In this context, an individual must control not only his stress level but also to pay attention to others’ stress impact on him.

There is a mutual influence between stress and the personal way of thinking. A moderate level of stress has a benefic effect on our mind’s flexibility, while an excessive one deteriorates our clear thinking and it affects our own discrimination and evaluation power. Our thoughts can stimulate as well the stress level and that’s why some of us perceive a situation more stressful than other ones.

Even there are stress sources we can’t totally control as overburden, role conflict, uncertainty and the major transformations of the offered products and services; every individual has access on certain measures to neutralize stress’ effect as: (more…)