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Think for the Future

A minimum desire and tendency to control the actions and the persons around us exists in every one of us. This purpose becomes more difficult when it comes to control our mind. Human mind still remains a partially controlled “area”. I believe that more important than control is to permanently develop those essential cognitive skills for an efficient adjustment in the future.

I’ve recently also found this approach of the mind in the book “Five minds for the future” wrote by the well-known psychologist H. Gardner. Based on the concept of “minds”, his point of view outlines that the key for the human’s evolution is to achieve five types of mind.

1. A disciplinary mind prevents us to become “slaves” of passive information learning. The idea is not to exclude the learning process but to do it understanding every discipline. We should be able to think from at least a couple of disciplines’ perspective (science, mathematics, history and an art discipline) and to educate our teenagers not by the past standards but for the future. (more…)