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The Risk of Being Different

The concept of abnormality is not only relative but it’s often mixed up with being different. Every one of us needs to be accepted in a social group and, many times, we are willing to do major compromises to reach this goal. A frequent one is the tendency of constantly showing a similar behavior to the majority’s one to avoid the risk of being isolated.

The predisposition for compromise appears when there is an enormous discrepancy between appearance and reality. This means that we are thinking/ acting differently from the group but we assume our partners’ thoughts/ actions as there are our own. In time, this self-censorship not only brings us a lot of frustration but it also ”help” us to slip in the extreme of a faked behavior.

Taking into account that we are generally tempted to choose the easy way of getting something immediately, it’s explainable our “strategy” which save us the effort of self-describing. The so-called “guilt” of being different is also hidden deep inside our mind, for a short period I would say. In fact, we trick ourselves thinking that it will be easy to act like this for a long time without having to make special efforts. Let’s not forget that self-censorship always involves a huge psychical pressure. (more…)