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Happiness, beyond Satisfaction or Not

Happiness & Satisfaction. Imagine that you watch the earth from a distance above. What do you see? People running in circle. They leave home in the morning and get home in the night, or run in circle in their home from bed to desk and back. Why do they this? Surviving, satisfaction, happiness?! I was meditating if a millionaire is happier than the average (I mean financial) man and what I will do if I would be a millionaire over night. After a while, I concluded that the advantage of the rich gay over the financial average man reside only in a greater potential to episodic satisfy his senses, needs and wishes, but not a greater capacity at the attitudinal and mental or inner level.

It is sure that happiness and complete frustration are at war. But this doesn’t mean that a complete satisfaction of our senses, needs and wishes assure you happiness. More, you need a little frustration in order to get into a state of happiness, because we humans feel happy only by difference from a lower state to an upper state. We get ordinary and bored even in the highest state of satisfaction.

Happiness & Senses. Let’s take into attention the senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell. From these all only sight and taste make the difference between the two (rich and average man). The rich man has the financial resources to travel where he wants and sees almost all beautiful places in the world and to eat daily all tasty food from allover the world. These things make a significant difference, but take into account that humans get bored with something which occur almost daily, even if this something is the best, because we feel happy only by difference from a lower state to an upper state. And if something is the best what is the next level if you want to feel a difference?! (more…)