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Social-Emotional Skills

Knowing much about emotional and social intelligence doesn’t give you social-emotional skills over night. Of course, learning begins with knowledge, but only by practice can we transform our knowledge into an active and efficient tool. To become a social and emotional skilled person is a tough task but, if you want to bring success into your life, you have to: be self-conscious, be very motivated, be able of self-regulation, be able to motivate others and be able of empathy. Even if we like it or not, our feelings conduct our behavior, but not in a rational, coherent and perceptible way.

We all are made of a combination of strengths and weaknesses. The point is how to develop your strengths and minimize your weaknesses, so that these traits make your life and others lives better. Emotional intelligence is the psychological faculty that provides you with social-emotional skills. It has five components that can be translated into five essential social-emotional aptitudes:

  • Self-regulation – to be capable to conduct ourselves and to control our emotional state;
  • Self-consciousness – to recognize and understand our feelings;
  • Motivation – management of feelings in order to achieve our objectives;
  • Empathy – identifying and decoding the feelings of others;
  • Social Abilities – being able to relate and influence others.
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